Chapter 1


Let’s begin with a bit of a back story on me. If you’ve read my “Pepperfishh” page, you’ve got the basics.

I’m currently 23 years old. I just recently graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Economics. I’m working on my second Bachelor’s in Accounting, which is actually the field I work in. I’m sure accounting sounds terribly droll to everyone else, but honestly, I love it. I love my job, I love (most of) my colleagues, and I love my crazy boss. Seriously, she’s nuts.

I am absolutely dog crazy. I have one of my own – a German Shepherd puppy named Captain Jack. (This is a reference to Doctor Who, not Pirates of the Caribbean). I am, however, at my parents house probably more often than I’m at my own, where we have three more dogs. An older German Shepherd named Pepsi, and Rott/Pitt mix named Pepper, and a Treeing Feist named Pria. Our German Shepherds came from breeders, Pepper came from a rescue, and Pria was a stray that just decided to move into my parents house while they were building it.

Jacks' Birthday

I grew up (and still currently reside) on the Illinois side of the St. Louis metro. For those of you bad at geography, I’m seriously only like 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis. You would not believe how many people argued with me when I went away to college that I couldn’t live in Illinois and be that close to St. Louis.

Although I was born and raised in STL, I did a bit of moving around with my mom when I was in high school, and spent a semester living in Clearfield, UT (just north of Salt Lake) and a semester in Albuquerque, NM. For those who don’t see the significance of those cities, I lived across the street from Hill AFB and probably 10 miles from Kirtland AFB. Here in IL I’m about 25 miles from Scott AFB. No, I’m not a military brat. My mother is in aerospace engineering. Do you know where aerospace companies are? They’re by air force bases. After I moved out, she and my father also spent time living in Chicago, the burbs of Terra Haute, and Troy, AL.

My kind-of fiance (I’ll explain in a moment) and I will be moving back in with them when our current lease is up. He just reenlisted in the Army, and will be leaving at the end of August for about 18 months of training. He is my kind of fiance because I don’t have a ring yet, but we’re getting married. The company he worked at for about 5 years laid him off right before Christmas with almost no notice. He had a couple weeks of work as a seasonal job right after, but has otherwise been unemployed since Christmas. I told him I was in no hurry to get married, and that I wasn’t pressuring him to propose, but that we weren’t getting married until he bought me a ring. Ironically enough, I told him he could take my own debit card and go buy it if he was in a hurry, but he wasn’t up for that. I just got him a temporary job at my company so he can work until he leaves in August.

More to come later on why I’m going to make a terrible, terrible Army wife, and why boyfriend loves me for it. (Also, he’s crazy)



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