Chapter 2

So, we’re married now.


Yeah, that actually happened. Two weeks before the wedding we had to move everything up a day because he had to report back to his station they day we were supposed to be married. Gotta love the Army.

Our plans changed a lot, but the end result ended up the same. The original plan was that we would be moving here permanently about April/May. I moved the end of April, so still, we did pretty good.

However, the original plan also involved the Army paying for it. That didn’t happen – so bye bye savings. But nonetheless, here I am, in North Carolina now. We went out a bought a new car last week (a first for both of us). Captain Jack seems to be adjusting well, especially since his mommy works from home and therefore he’s almost never lonely.

Somehow everything is going really well right now. If I could just get that job I’m trying for, everything would be perfect.